ATLAS Beard Oil

$22.00 USD

An iconic Beard Oil. A mythical anniversary scent.

The GROOM Beard Oild just hit the 10 year mark!

It is quite a milestone to reach, so we celebrate this by unveiling an exclusive, limited edition scent: ATLAS - Cypress & Vetiver.

For this scent we drew our inspiration from the rich history of classic perfumery.

ATLAS, with its notes of cypress, Atlas cedar, Egyptian geranium, vetiver and bitter orange, is at the crossroad of the "fougère" and "oriental wood" perfume families.

A genuinely unique olfactive experience, evocative of GROOM's unique journey.

Our Beard Oil is a careful blend of high-quality, light oils. Quickly absorbed by the hair and skin, it softens and nourishes the hair, moisturizes the skin underneath and soothes dandruff and itchiness.

Enjoy a full care routine with our Beard Wash, or leave-in Beard Conditioner or our deeply nourishing Beard Balm.

See our tutorial for an exceptional beard here.

Volume: 30 ml / 1 fl. oz.

Customer Reviews

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Loren Hicks
A great problem to have

I really like this new scent. A lot. And it does the same fine job of helping me control my beard and adding a bit of spice to me aroma. But now I have to choose between the sandalwood, citrus, and atlas - they're all great, and some days it's really hard to decide.