Shipping Terms

It is our constant priority to process and ship online orders as quickly as possible.
Usually this means processing time between 1-3 business days. Packages are picked up by Canada Post from Monday to Thursday.
Occasional inventory shortages or a higher level of orders will sometimes increase processing or transit times. Rest assured we are dedicated to getting your order home as quickly as possible.
About the shipping, November 1, 2020 marked a small milestone at GROOM in our quest for positive environmental impact. It is from this date that ALL mailings from our online store have become CARBON NEUTRAL! Click here for details.


In an industry where trends are replaced faster than they are made, our commitment is to meet a growing demand for products of superior quality and ethical origin. 
Since 2013, we have been dedicated to developing our signature formulas using carefully selected, eco-friendly, natural ingredients.
Our inspiration stems from the rich tradition of men’s grooming, nourished by scientific innovation in body care.
We take pride in manufacturing our own products in-house at our Montreal workshop, with thorough attention to details. 
This is why we are confident in guaranteeing the exceptional efficacy of all our products. 
At GROOM, we believe authenticity and simplicity are the best expressions of elegance.


"The inconspicuous artisan of your well-being"

Happiness is the sum of small things, beginning with a state of comfort. In order to help you achieve this we created a line of superior quality products, consisting of sound and ethical ingredients.
To embody the helping hand our products offer, we chose the emblem of a lobby-boy (called « groom » in French), who was the concierge-in-training from luxurious hotels of bygone days.
Wearing his traditional suit and hat, he was at your service from the moment you checked in the hotel. He was the extension of the concierge’s hand, making sure you were always content. His devotion and vigilance made sure you remained comfortable at all times. He was the inconspicuous artisan of your well-being.
For us, the « groom » evokes the sense of elegance from a famed era in men’s fashion. At GROOM, he represents the services our products perform for you on a daily basis.

Our Commitment

At GROOM we are committed to taking our decisions by keeping in sight their environmental impact. This shows through our choice of ingredients and suppliers, and globally in our long-term goals.


In our industry the choice of ingredients has a huge impact. They are the heart and soul of our products and literally the raw material for every thing we do.
The body care industry has developed an impressive arsenal of « miracle » ingredients; while hugely cost-effective, they are often obtained through processes that raise considerable (if not serious) concern for the environment and human health.
To this effect we make a stand to use only ingredients of natural origin, produced with minimal ecological impact.
In other words, we stand clear of an ingredient meeting one of the following criteria: obtained from a non-sustainable source, generated from a process involving toxic compounds, presenting a rick of bioaccumulation or eco-toxicity.
Among others, we avoid the following ingredients:
  • petroleum derivatives: Crude oil extraction is a cause of ecosystem degradation, and its transformation involves highly toxic compounds and byproducts. In cosmetics, they are listed as the following: petrolatum, mineral oil, paraffinum, etc.
  • PEG (polyethylene glycol): It is a large family of ingredients that underwent a process called ethoxylation. This requires the use of highly toxic and carcinogenic solvents, which often remain in trace levels in the final product. They are listed with the acronym PEG- followed by a number.
  • parabens: These are conservative agents widely used in body care products. They have been linked to hormone disruption and are listed by a prefix and the suffix « paraben » (for instance: isobutylparaben, methylparaben)
  • sodium lauryl sulfate / sodium laureth sulfate: These are widely used as a detersive agent, despite their irritant effects being well documented. They are obtained using an ethoxylstion process (see « PEG » above). They are also listed as their acronyms: SLS or SLES.
  • silicones: Ingredients from the silicon family (also called polysiloxanes) have been identified as hormone disrupters and their overall toxicity. They are known to integrate the food chain, specifically in aquatic environments. They are listed by a prefix and the suffix « siloxane », the names D4, D5, D6 or a word ending with the suffix « -thicone ».

For more details on questionable cosmetic ingredients, the David Suzuki Foundation has listed here the ones most commonly found. None of them are featured in our products.

Local and ethical supplies

At all times and whenever possible we foster local suppliers for our raw material, containers, accessories and supplies. All our containers are manufactured in North America; same goes for our labels and shipping supplies. Our service providers also are Canadian businesses.
Whenever possible we select compostable or recyclable materials for our different supplies.

Let’s not stop there

We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve our eco-score. Our goal is for GROOM to be a company with a positive environmental impact, and we intend to implement new initiatives as we grow. 

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