Taking action for the environment

Did you know that here at GROOM, we took different initiatives in order to improve our environmental impact?🌿
From the choice of our ingredients to the purchase of offset credits, we go the extra mile following a simple motto: leaving it cleaner than we found it



In our industry the choice of ingredients has a huge impact. They are the heart and soul of our products and literally the raw material for everything we do.

The body care industry has developed an impressive arsenal of « miracle » ingredients; while hugely cost-effective, they are often obtained through processes that raise considerable (if not serious) concern for the environment and human health.

To this effect we make a stand to use only ingredients of natural origin, produced with minimal ecological impact.

In other words, we stand clear of an ingredient meeting one of the following criteria: obtained from a non-sustainable source, generated from a process involving toxic compounds, presenting a risk of bioaccumulation or eco-toxicity.



Thanks to PlanetAir, we purchased certified offset credits twice the equivalent of our CO2 emissions from all those commercial trips, including casual visits to local GROOM dealers.

Through these contributions, we are also participating in a reforestation project in Quebec, meaning tangible impact close to our home. We can therefore claim that all the miles GROOM staff travels on duty are carbon-negative. 

But our products too get driven around! And we are tackling their carbon footprint as well.

Directly embedded to our online store is an app that assesses and immediately offsets the carbon footprint of our shipping. All proceeds go to Pachama, which keeps a portfolio of many different environmental projects all around the world focused on reforestation and biodiversity protection. 

To learn more about Pachama, take a look at their website 



Plastic is a hard to avoid material in our industry, especially for shower products.

Although plastic itself is not the enemy, the way plastic waste is managed is a major issue.

Therefore, we decided to tackle it head on by getting the Plastic Negative certification granted by rePurpose Global. This certification allows us to proudly guarantee that for every piece of plastic used in our operations, twice its weight in plastic pollution is removed by rePurpose Global

This partnership also allows us to fund waste management programmes, new recycling technologies and to offer better conditions to marginalized workers. Ultimately, this allows to reduce the amount of plastic waste being sent to landfill or worse, being flushed into the ocean.

More details about it here
Find out about rePurpose Global’s mission here



On top of offsetting our carbon emissions and our plastic use, we also want to make better choices regarding the materials used in our packaging, which means selecting recycled or upcycled options whenever possible. For example, the tubes used for packaging our shaving products are made using 50% ocean-bound plastic, directly reducing environmental pollution.

Of course, these new tubes are fully recyclable as well.

Same goes for our shipping material, which is either recyclable or compostable, making it easier for you to dispose of at home.



Making GROOM an eco-friendly company is part of our core values. This is why we support initiatives for a cleaner planet and will continue to do so at every new step we reach.

Small-scale actions leading to big changes… that’s where we are going. Are you joining us?

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