GROOM Shaving Brush

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A striking wet-shaving accoutrement.

A luxurious tool crafted using time-honoured techniques. The horsehair bristles are harvested without harming the animals (who benefit from being groomed!)

Horsehair is a perfectly-suited material for shaving. Its consistency - slightly firmer than badger hair - helps massage the skin and prepare it for shaving.

The bristles are not bleached; this is the natural horse hair colour. 

This is perfectly paired with the Shaving Bowl, or if you prefer a quicker approach, you’re more than welcome to apply it directly from the Shaving Cream or Shaving Soap and on your face.

Ergonomic handle made from FSC-certified beechwood. GROOM stamp made using vegetable ink.

Click here for more information on the shaving brush.

Soak the brush in warm - not scalding hot - water for a few minutes before use. Bristles will absorb water and soften. Whisk off excess water. 

Apply either Shaving Soap or Shaving Cream to the brush and turn it into a lather by whisking into a shaving bowl, the cup of your hand, or directly onto your face. 

Once finished shaving, rinse the brush thoroughly in warm water. Store it in a place where it can dry before its next use, like our Shaving Brush and Razor Stand.

Loft height: 55 mm

Knot diameter: 24 mm

Customer Reviews

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Doug Murphy

it is great, good lather and gives a great shave.

Douglas Cnudde
Groom Shaving brush

great but unusually difficult to squeeze out of the tube

Bonnie Parkes
Shaving brush

My husband’s favourite

Leonardo Feitosa
Great Brush!

Honestly this is my first brush and ...
I am very satisfied with the purchase.
1- Groom took the time to make sure the logo was done with vegetable ink! How cool!
2- Horse hair! I can tell it's for real by the smell, and the good part is no harm was done and it benefited the animal, kudos!
3- I love the color of the wood.
Never going back to new age shaving haha
Thanks Groom team!

Plush Brush

The brush is very full, firm but not prickly. It creates a nice lather.