GROOM Shaving Brush

$49.50 CAD
Superior-quality shaving brush made by a well-established maker. The horsehair bristles are harvested without harm to the animal - who actually benefits from being groomed.
Horsehair is a perfectly-suited material for shaving. Its consistency - slightly firmer than badger-hair - helps massaging the skin and preparing it for shaving.
The bristles are not bleached, so this is the natural horse hair colour.
Ergonomic handle made from FSC-certified beechwood.

GROOM stamp made using vegetable ink.


Soak the brush in warm - not boiling - water for a few minutes before use. Bristles will absorb water and soften. Whisk off excess water. Apply shaving soap or cream to the brush and turn into a lather by whisking into a shaving bowl, the cusp of your hand or onto your face. Apply lather to the face with the brush. Once finished shaving, rinse the brush thoroughly in warm water. Store in a place where it can dry before its next use like our shaving brush and razor stand.

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A shaving brush is an essential tool for a genuine shaving experience. It allows to turn your shaving soap or cream into a lather while providing a gentle exfoliation.


Total height: 109mm

Loft height (showing bristles): 55mm

Knot (diameter of bristles at the base): 24mm