GROOM Shaving Brush

$49.50 CAD

A striking wet-shaving accoutrement.

A luxurious tool crafted using time-honoured techniques. The horsehair bristles are harvested without harming the animals (who benefit from being groomed!)

Horsehair is a perfectly-suited material for shaving. Its consistency - slightly firmer than badger hair - helps massage the skin and prepare it for shaving.

The bristles are not bleached; this is the natural horse hair colour. 

This is perfectly paired with the Shaving Bowl, or if you prefer a quicker approach, you’re more than welcome to apply it directly from the Shaving Cream or Shaving Soap and on your face.

Ergonomic handle made from FSC-certified beechwood. GROOM stamp made using vegetable ink.

Click here for more information on the shaving brush.

Soak the brush in warm - not scalding hot - water for a few minutes before use. Bristles will absorb water and soften. Whisk off excess water. 

Apply either Shaving Soap or Shaving Cream to the brush and turn it into a lather by whisking into a shaving bowl, the cup of your hand, or directly onto your face. 

Once finished shaving, rinse the brush thoroughly in warm water. Store it in a place where it can dry before its next use, like our Shaving Brush and Razor Stand.

Loft height: 55 mm

Knot diameter: 24 mm