Deodorant Stick Refill

$11.00 CAD

Enjoy the subtle scent and all-day protection of a no-nonsense deodorant.

This is the refill of our outstanding Deodorant Stick for the Kiima applicator. This item cannot be used without the applicator.

Performant, easy to wear, goes on clean… and natural! We spent months perfecting this exceptional product.

Ditch aggressively scented deodorants and antiperspirants with aluminum salts. Our deodorant merges castor bean extracts to combat odours with tapioca starch extracts to absorb moisture. Carnauba wax and shea butter nourish your skin while preserving a dry finish.

Enjoy this refill version of our customer-favourite deodorant, allowing you to reduce your plastic footprint.

Elegantly scented with juniper and slightly peppery eucalyptus.

Free of aluminum salts, baking soda, petroleum derivatives and parabens.

Start your cleaning regimen with our Rhassoul Soap or Moisturizing Shower Gel.


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Customer Reviews

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joel tamas
It hurts me to say this...

I love this company. I love the effort to do environmentally-friendly products. I love the smell of the deodorant. I love that it’s made from ingredients that aren’t going to give me Alzheimer’s disease. BUT… wow, that plastic applier does NOT work very well. The ring that’s supposed to hold it in absolutely does not do its job. There’s always either too much or too little. If the applier lays on its side for a while (like, when I’m traveling with a shaving kit), the blob of deodorant gets stuck in the lid (one time I literally had to freeze it in the freezer so I could pry it out without completely destroying it). When you’re down to the last bit of deodorant compound you might as well just get a spatula and dig it out and apply it that way because the applier is useless. At this point I have given up on making the applier work and I’m literally reaching in with my finger and rubbing it on my armpits, and then I have to wash it off my hands before I touch anything.

Love the idea, love the product, but I won’t be ordering it again because this is a great idea by a cool company for a great product… but guys, it just doesn’t work the way it needs to. I’m giving it three stars because of the positives, but it gets one star for actual functionality. I'm actually surprised it got through your QC, to be honest.

Still a customer and will remain a customer. I just won’t buy the deodorant refills anymore.

Hello Joel,
A sincere thank you for taking a moment to share this. The main source of issues you are facing seem to come from the ring bof the applicator being too loose.
While the vast majority of users seem to be satisfied with the product, we have come across a handful that received an applicator that had a ring not fitting properly.
As for using the deodorant when it’s getting low, the item is designed in a way that by adding a new refill underneath, it continues to be conveniently accessible for use.
I understand however that this functionality might have been compromised by the ring getting unclipped.

We work closely with the company that designed the applicator - Kiima. We would gladly send you a replacement one and retrieve the defective one you have on hand.
I will reach out by email in a moment to organize this.

Best regards,


Kaelan Moat
Best craft deodorant

Smells great. Doesn't stain shirts. Lasts a long time. Sustainable.

Stephen Reed

Love the scent and it’s lasts all day