Finding the perfect gift

Picking up personal care products for someone else is no easy task. Especially when you don’t want to ruin a surprise!

With Father’s Day around the corner, here’s a little guide to help you navigate GROOM’s range of options

On top of creating high quality formulas, GROOM takes pride in offering ethical, hand crafted products made with care in our Montreal workshop.
Moreover, we implemented various policies to limit our environmental impact (plastic negative certification, carbon neutral shipping, recycled and recyclable packaging).

🌿  Learn more about this HERE. 🌿

Now let’s help you find the greatest gift for him.



For a relaxing moment in the shower, our moisturizing shower gel and a sea sponge make an amazing duo that gently exfoliates the skin and leaves it soft and hydrated.
To clean without drying, our Rhassoul soap is a staple product for body and hands. 

Our natural deodorants (spray or stick), free of aluminum salts, to remain fresh all day long, and voila!



Beard oil is a universal product for all beard types and a great way to care for hair and skin, which is more delicate on the face.
Our beard wash is a good product 
for washing your face and avoiding the feeling of a dry and tight skin, which is prone to beardruffs.
Should we remind you that it’s never a good idea to wash your face with any regular soap? 

Medium to long beard?

No secret here : the beard wash and beard balm are two staple products he absolutely has to have in his drawer. The balm nourishes hair and will help sculpt the beard by making stray hair more manageable. It’s also an amazing way to protect the beard against the elements, particularly cold weather which makes hair more brittle. The oil is a good complementary option to moisturize the skin too. 


Shaving is part of his (almost daily) routine? 
Here’s the perfect occasion to make him discover new horizons!
The shaving brush, shaving bowl and shaving soap as well as our safety razor make a good set of tools to transform his shaving habits into an authentic and unique experience.

Complete this set with the aftershave balm or splash : balm for softness and comfort, splash for a fresh and invigorating sensation with a low alcohol percentage. 
There you go! You have everything needed for a close and pleasurable shaving experience.


Thick and unruly hair?

He's about to become a great candidate for our styling pomade. With a medium-shine finish and a long lasting hold, this pomade works wonders on a thick and dense mane.

Our styling cream and sea salt styling mist are also to be considered.
The styling cream is perfect for all hair types to create natural looks, and easy to rinse out. It was made for those who are looking for an straightforward, light and versatile product (best way to save some precious minutes in the morning!)

As for the super polyvalent sea salt styling mist, it enhances curls and creates beautiful waves. It will get him that trendy “beach hair” look that comes along with hot summer days.

Fine and flat hair?

Our styling clay is our best secret to give some bounce to your hair. With its dry and matte finish, it works miracles on thinner hair by giving volume while remaining flexible.

Oh! Let’s not forget the great basics : GROOM’s fortifying shampoo and conditioner. Because healthy hair starts in the shower!



To make your life easier, our gift sets and trial kits are your best options. 

In each of GROOM’s gift sets, we combine our best products. Body care, beard care or shaving care, the choice is yours! But rest assured, you will get the best bundle for each category. 

Our trial kits contain our best products… in trial size! Which makes them a perfect gift for someone who wants to get used to a new brand or a new routine. Also, these kits make a great gift for a travelling dad!

Our Introduction sets feature a few more options to elaborate more complete routines, explore different fragrances and enjoy a wider range of products. 

As for the Deluxe sets, they were made for those who want an authentic experience with full size products. On top of offering larger sizes, which allow for a few months of use, these sets also include our best high end accessories to make the experience even more complete.


If you need further assistance with our different products or to help you find the perfect gift, feel free to send us an email : [email protected]

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