Sea Sponge

$26.00 CAD

Heads up - you are never going back to plastic puffs.

Sea sponges have been prized since time immemorial for use in body care. Discover their exceptional properties, which pair intuitively with GROOM products, such as our Moisturizing Shower Gel or Rhassoul Soap.

Sea sponges are ranked according to their grade, and ours are Rock Island Wool, among the very finest. They are harvested sustainably off the coast of Florida, in the Gulf of Mexico.

Surprisingly stiff and light when dry, just dab a bit of water and they return to life, becoming remarkably soft and absorbent. In addition to providing a fantastic lather, they gently exfoliate the skin. 

Wet the sponge until it has become completely soft. 

If using a shower gel, apply a drizzle and rub it into the sponge until it begins to lather. 

If using bar soap, rub it onto the sponge gently to create a rich lather. Squeeze the sponge a few times to spread the lather throughout and begin washing.

Care Instructions: Leave to dry between uses. Rock Island Wool sponges will last at least 6 months, but easily over a year. To enhance its lifespan, perform a monthly cleaning by soaking the sea sponge in warm water and baking soda solution (1 tablespoon per cup of water), and rinse thoroughly.

Approximately 12 cm / 4.5 in across.

Since this is a natural product grown in the wild, the shape may vary.

Customer Reviews

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Billy boi
Soft but small

This was my first purchase and I regret it... It's super soft and makes great lather. But It's way too small to cost 30$... This shouldn't be more than 10-15$ MAX...

Hi Billy,
Thank you for taking a moment to reply. I am sorry to hear you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase.
I understand this sponge is pricier than some on the market, however in the world of sponges size is not quite the most important aspect on its cost/price. Type and origin are of the essence, as it means a softer and much more durable sponge, and in that respect we did go for the very best we could find.
Also, I see you mentioned a $30 price point on the item, but it is currently being priced at $26 on our website (shipping and sales taxes being extra when applicable).


Really soft and smooth for the skin. A great addition to the soap

David Montgomery
Beautiful Sponge!

For the past couple of years I've been using artificial sponges (very cheep at Walmart), but after a few weeks they inevitably break in half. The Groom sea sponge was considerably more expensive, but much softer. I was worried that it might be small, but it fills my whole hand comfortably. I'll have to wait to see how long-lived it is. From my experience so far, I have high hopes.

Leonardo Navarro

Not what i was expecting

Stephanie Chiu
Nice product

Lathers up great