« Limited Edition » Hand Cream

$14.00 CAD

We are washing our hands 14 times a day… here’s help to keep them moisturized!

Introducing our « Limited Edition » Hand Cream! Just like our « Limited Edition » Hand Soap, we used our know-how as well as ingredients from our current inventory to develop a project suited to the peculiar times we are living.

A few words on the product :

  • healthy and natural ingredients (no petrol derivatives)

  • effective hand moisturizing and protection

  • matte, non-greasy feel

  • light and natural scent

Hand hygiene has become a citizen duty. In accomplishing this, we use plenty of soap and alcohol-based sanitizers. Our hands are clean alright… but that can dry them out!

Context : The sudden COVID-19 pandemic is upsetting everyone’s lives. Our natural response is to reach out for essential commodities and make sure we are short on none.

Sadly (for you and for us), the GROOM workshop is not geared for making toilet paper.

However!… using our current stock of ingredients and containers, we can put together a more than decent hand cream!

We made it with clean ingredients, gave it a fresh herbal fragrance that will be a welcome break from generic drugstore scents, and it will improve the comfort of your hands (and that is one essential thing if there’s any… right?)

With the recent closures of all non essential businesses requested by the Québec government we had to make do without our regular labels ; all our regular printers are in lockdown.

So here’s the « Limited Edition » Hand Cream, offered at our best price, made from scratch in these war-effort-like times.

120 ml / 4 fl. oz.