Little soaps, big actions

As the lockdown had just been announced last spring in Quebec, we received our brand new soap equipment.

Impulses of solidarity of all kinds were taking shape in the public space. This is why we chose to give a social dimension to the first soaps that would come out of our workshop. For each unit sold on our website, a donation would be made to charity.

And that’s how our first shea soap bars were born, delicately engraved with two special messages inspired by the current situation.  


"Ça va bien ALLER"...

The famous "ça va bien aller" rainbow was brought to Quebec from Italy by the Canadian Gabrielle Cucinelli. 

Along the popularity of the symbol - a popularity that has attracted the attention of more or less opportunistic marketing strategists - Ms. Cucinelli wanted to preserve the values behind the message by filing an application with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

Thus, the commercial use of the expression on certain categories of objects should be done in exchange for a contribution to the organization La Cantine pour tous, which helps Montréal children in need.

Although soaps were not part of these objects, we have chosen to make a donation to the organization as our goal was to contribute to this ongoing solidarity. 


...and "Ça va bien LAVER" 

Yes, because as the soaps went on sale... the original sentence had taken for many a tone of naive optimism!

In addition to the problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it was important for us to remember other major ongoing issues, such as the environment and carbon emissions problematic.

Therefore, we adapted one of our soaps with a more pragmatic (and humorous) sentence.

The organization that would be supported by the sales of these soaps was chosen for its involvement in a host of issues of ecological value, both in the field and in terms of political and citizen mobilization: the David Suzuki Foundation.


Donations made

The remaining "Ça va bien ALLER/LAVER" soaps were sold-out of her online store at the end of October..

But which one was the most popular?

We'll never know if it was a sense of humor or pragmatism that won the day, but the verdict is clear: the David Suzuki Foundation earned the largest share of our contribution.

On Monday, October 26th, just over $150 was donated to both organizations.

As for the shea soaps, they will soon return under a new theme.

Thank you to all those who supported our initiative and see you soon!

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